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Wedding photography made for you to be proud of your wedding day.
A brief introduction to our services.

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Your Puerto Vallarta wedding photos

As my clients  you will get photographs  that show genuine moments with my personal view of photojournalism.
You will feel proud with arty photos that show natural emotions assisted with friendly direction and great technical skills.


 What kind of photos your wedding photos you shoot

We do candids all the time but when situation requires or you need help we will be there to assist or direct.
No wedding is the same, but here is some sample photos.

 Benefits of your wedding photos with us

  • Great quality-price relationship on Wedding Photos in Puerto Vallarta and the Bay Area
  • You will feel proud of your wedding photos as they are the only living memory left after your wedding day.
  • No extra expenses on traveling as we are based in Puerto Vallarta area, around our área you will find awesome places Like Punta the Mita, Nuevo Vallarta, Sayulita, San Pancho, and others.
  • We know the place, as locals we can confirm that Puerto Vallarta is a great destination for wedding photos, the city is a small port in Mexico, it is a place surrounded by water and mountains like nowhere else.
  • Attitude and experience, we love our craft, We work with our hearth to capture the best that we can every time.
    We have been improving our work through the years and we have our customers to back us up as the best reference.

Thank you

My name is Joel Avdel i am the photographer at Capturaimagen thanks you checking our website, We wish you a great wedding on behalf of the team.

If you want to to see more of our work see our portfolio
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Please let me know if you have any question or anything I can help?
ill be happy to help!!!


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