How to choose your destination wedding photographer


Choose your wedding photographer

Choose your wedding photographer

Picking your destination wedding photographer in Mexico can be very simple if you know the pointers to consider.

Ill give you a few tips that may help you to pick wedding photographer.


First and most important look at his portfolio, you the images you see you should like.
You should feel related to the photographers work.

Style of photographer

There is basically two approaches to wedding photography, the traditional and photojournalism.

The traditional approach in photography is mostly posed images with specific directions.

Photojournalism is about capturing candid shots as they happen a photojournalist does not direct or pose people the photojournalist sees and capture the moment.

Some photographers are much compromised with a particular style both have advantages and disadvantages, but booth can get excellent results.

Mixed style: Some others photographers have mixed of both styles depending on client and the situations this allow a great flexibility and more varied style of photography.
For example a couple doesn’t want interferences during the ceremony, but they want some help getting some formal shoots so they look at their best and on the party they want some dancing action shoots as they happen.
We prefer have a flexible approach and use a mixed style according to your needs in this topic.

Photographer personality and service

Choosing the right photographer is not only about his work, personality is very important try to meet him personally, this can be hard on a destination wedding but thanks God we have skype or even on the phone.
A good photographer will listen to you and will advise you about the things you ask and the things that will help you to get better photos, it is always a good start if you like his photos and it will much better if you feel comfortable talking with him.
If you know your photographer before the wedding you won’t have a stranger making your pictures.
Ask your photographer all the questions you have if you got the response and personality you like then you are one step ahead.


Determine your photography budget; wedding photography has very different prices depending on many things.
Prices in Mexico for photography are generally lower than USA and Canada, but there some photographers that charge really high prices, if they have this high prices and they are in the business for years most of the time it means they are in demand and they are worth every penny.
Digital technology and easiness of knowledge allows some other photographers
make their way to the top cutting some expenses away and still give you a high quality service.
You must match your budget for the photographer you like or keep looking for more options.


Internet is a big friend when you look for information make a list of possible photographers, ask for referrals and remove from your list the photographers that have bad records like bad comments.
Also use the phone to find out, you may even call some brides for reference.
Most of weddings destinations in Mexico are small and good photographers are easy to spot with some research.
Some photographers are reviewed by third party websites that can be a great referral too.

Determine confirm and make a contract

Once you have decided for your photographer please book your date!
Confirm every detail and question you have.
Get the list of your services written over a contract, most of photographers will ask a deposit from 30-60% of your total to book your date.

Puerto Vallarta photographers

There are many great photographers in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has great variety of styles, prices and nationalities, Puerto Vallarta is a small place where good photographers are easy to find.
I am very shure you will find the one that fill your taste and personality.